VMAX/VMware TechBook terminal release

I’ve posted what is the terminal release of the TechBook Using Dell EMC VMAX and PowerMax in VMware vSphere Environments. For those not familiar with it, this book contains the general best practices of using VMware with the VMAX/PowerMax family of arrays. This latest update has, for the most part, minor changes, and will cover up to the PowerMaxOS Q3 2020 release (5978.669.669).

So why is this the last release? Well, our family of arrays goes back to what was known as the Symmetrix and has moved through many models to the current PowerMax. Along the way the operating system running on the arrays has changed significantly, as has the storage media, protocols, how we provision, the GUI interfaces, and on and on. Over the years I have simply added information to the book to account for all the changes, while retaining most of the older material. Some of these older arrays are no longer supported, but some will still be around for a year or more, though of course no updates are forthcoming. But time moves on and the PowerMax (and .Next) is so different from the earlier models that the older material in this book is unnecessary. As I noted, however, the arrays are still out there so I did not want to simply remove the information. And therefore, like the SRDF SRA TechBook, I’m going to end this book, and start a new one.

The books will use the PowerMaxOS as what distinguishes between them, rather than the PowerMax array, since the all flash arrays can run that code also. The first version will include all PowerMaxOS releases up to the latest SR and vSphere 7.0.3+. Until the new version comes out, however, continue to use this terminal release if you run PowerMaxOS. There will always be overlap between the books since some best practices will never change but use the book(s) that is appropriate for your environment(s). I expect I’ll publish the new version if not by the end of the year, then early next year.


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