The Dell EMC PowerMax and VMware vSphere Configuration Guide

For those customers running on PowerMax, I’ve published the new The Dell EMC PowerMax and VMware vSphere Configuration Guide which is the replacement for Using Dell EMC VMAX and PowerMax Storage in VMware vSphere Environments. The new TechBook only covers PowerMax integration/best practices with VMware. While the previous doc was over 400 pages, the new one is under 300 as I removed all material that was specific to the older arrays. In addition I’ve re-worked other sections, condensed where I could and even added some new information. As this is the first release, the two books are very close in PowerMax information so either can be used. As we move forward with PowerMax releases, however, they will diverge and only the new book should be used for the platform. There are at least 2 years left on the VMAX family support I believe, so the older book will remain published for some time; but I will not update it.

As always, if you were looking for something in the new book but can’t find it, let me know. Obviously I can’t cover everything, but if there is a glaring omission that I should have kept and/or added, I’m happy to do so.


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