vRA 8.4+ catalog item issues

We’ve all hit our share of bugs, and normally I don’t highlight them, but I’ve seen this one a number of times internally and now at a customer. Best to mention it, therefore, in hopes it saves some customers time debugging.

My experience with the bug occurred when I upgraded my vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) Plug-in for PowerMax to 1.2.4 and my vRA environment to 8.5 (latest supported) which includes the embedded vRO. I then created a catalog item for Provision VMFS datastore to ESXi Cluster. When I went to execute the catalog item, however, my fields would not auto-populate a list for me. It was just blank. See below where I try to set the host group.

VMware would not populate it. Odd. So I went directly into vRO and tried to run the workflow there. Much to my surprise, it worked.

So I reached out to the developers who responded back that this is a known issue. It can be found in the vRA 8.4 Release Notes:

We do use the OGNL expression in some of our plug-in objects so it was what I was hitting.

The customer experienced the issue in their custom scripts which call our objects. In their case the error was more clear:

I should note that they saw it both in the catalog item as well as the workflow, unlike my experience above.

From my understanding, VMware is not intending on fixing this until Q4 of this year. If you do experience this error I did not see any workaround from VMware yet but I’ll keep pushing them for one.



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