Unisphere 10 VMware missing info

Never one to avoid the issues in our software, I wanted to tell you about a bug that surfaced late in our VMware integration in Unisphere. I don’t know how widely it is utilized, but I have had positive feedback from storage administrators about the integration because it gives them insight into the VMware environment, albeit in a read-only context. While the bug does not break the integration, it does cause the wrong information to populate a few of the sections of the Performance tab.

First, let me show you the current GA Unisphere 9.x of the Performance tab:

When you highlight a storage group it should show you the FE Directors and FE Ports used by that storage group. In addition it should show the other storage groups that use those FE objects – basically what we’d call the noisy neighbors.

Now here is the new version 10:

Well something is not right there. All it shows is a repeat of the storage group in each section. In addition, even if you try to click on the hyperlinks in the FE Directors or Related SGs section, nothing happens. Yes, really broken. Unfortunately the bug occurred late in our testing cycle so it will not be fixed until the service release which is in the fall.


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