As my blog is eponymous, I’ll simply say that I work for Dell Technologies (Dell EMC) in Systems Engineering and I focus on virtualization technology and how to integrate it with both our hardware and software platforms.  My primary focus is on the VMAX platform and VMware but I also work with many other Dell EMC products like VPLEX and RecoverPoint and other virtualization technologies like OpenStack.  In addition to testing these integrations I write whitepapers and TechBooks, frequently work with customers, and even create some other content like the VMAX Content Pack for VMware Log Insight.


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  1. Hi Drew,

    I hope you do not mind me contacting you for a quick answer to an interesting question?

    I have inherited a previous vSphere 5.5 platform (circa 2014 build) leveraging the following:

    vSphere 5.5
    SRM 5.8
    VMAX 10K
    Physical EMC Recoverpoints for Production and Recovery Sites
    Existing Consistency Group with 3 LUNs ( replicating successfully )
    NO VSI’s installed for political reasons ( seperate storage and SRM admin teams )

    The UK company is standing up a new vSphere 6.5 platform but leveraging the same storage above and the same physical EMC Recoverpoint?

    My question is, can this be done ?

    1. Two SRM Instances ( SRM 5.8 ans SRM 6.5 ) with their SRAs configured to use the same RPA’s.?
    2. The RPA configured with separate Consistency groups with separate set of LUNs ?
    3. The separate Recovery Plans would never be run in tandem.

    Their idea is that they have DR for both platforms during a phased period before the workloads and infrastructure is migrated from the vSphere 5.5 platform to the vSphere 6.5 platform.

    Best Regards


    1. Hi Robert,

      I don’t see an issue with this since they are two distinct environments. I have something similar in my lab as I have to run multiple vSphere versions but each one accesses the same RecoverPoint environment.


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