Today we have some good news for those of our customers who use VMware SRM, the SRDF SRA, and the vCenter Virtual Appliance. Let's start with some background information for context, though I am going to assume the reader is familiar with these technologies already. The EMC SRDF SRA is the Storage Replication Adapter which integrates... Continue Reading →


VSI 6.9.2 – VMAX2 deprecation, SMI-S expansion

We usually don't have minor point releases with VSI but there was some delay with support for VVols on the Unity platform which necessitated this second VSI release in June. Fortunately at the same time we were able to fix an issue with VMAX3/VMAX All Flash connectivity to the SMI-S Provider. As I mentioned in... Continue Reading →

ESA 3.4 Q4 release

Our fourth quarter release of ESA has arrived just as the year is coming to a close.  The developers continue to grow platforms and enhance the product quarter after quarter.  ESA 3.4 has a laundry list of new features including support for a new platform - Isilon along with IPv6 support for the major platforms,... Continue Reading →

VSI 6.7 GA – a couple feature gems

VSI 6.7 is now available for download.  You can find the documentation and binary download here: VSI 6.7 Documentation and Download There are 4 new features in this release of note. They are: View consolidated datastore info on a host for all registered storage systems Register and use the Solutions Integration Service from the VSI... Continue Reading →


As I mentioned in my post on the Q3 VMAX3 release, the SRDF SRA and SRDF Adapter Utilities (SRDF-AU) lag the VMAX3 releases by about 2 weeks - yes I was off by a week sorry about that.  In any case they are here today so the wait is over.  The SRDF SRA and SRDF-AU... Continue Reading →

3.2 EMC Storage Analytics – eNAS, SRDF, et al.

ESA 3.2 (3.2.1 is the build) is available today for download offering many new features for the VMAX®/VMAX3™ and XtremeIO platforms, as well as adding ScaleIO support.  ESA 3.2 is supported on vRealize Operations Manager version 6.0.2 which is the latest patched release available from VMware.  For VMAX3 it requires SMI-S version 8.0.3.  You can... Continue Reading →

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