5977 HYPERMAX OS Q2 2017

In conjunction with Dell EMC World, we have announced our latest HYPERMAX OS release (the software that runs on the VMAX3/VMAX All Flash). I'm never quite sure of the naming for these releases, but this one does not have the usual "SR" designation which is defined as a service release. If I were comparing it... Continue Reading →


SnapVX and Oracle Data Guard

I'm off the beaten path today courtesy of a friend and colleague in Chicago. We both used to work at Oracle so when he gives me a call it's typically not about my VMAX/VMware fare. In this case he had a customer who wanted to use SnapVX to instantiate a physical standby database, i.e. Data Guard.... Continue Reading →

VMAX/VMware TechBook, VAAI WP

The after-EMC World documentation updates continue with the publishing of the VMAX VMware TechBook (Using EMC VMAX Storage in VMware vSphere Environments): Click to enlarge – use browser back button to return to post and the VAAI whitepaper (Using VMware vSphere Storage APIs for Array Integration with EMC Symmetrix): Click to enlarge – use browser... Continue Reading →


SRDF SRA 6.1, SRDF-AU 6.1, SRDF/Metro and SRM Stretched Storage

Back in September of last year I did a post on a new VPLEX SRA which supported SRM stretched storage (VPLEX SRM stretched).  What can I say they beat us to the punch so credit where credit is due.  But today is a new day as we announce the SRDF SRA 6.1 and support for... Continue Reading →


TB Update: Using EMC VMAX Storage in VMware vSphere Environments

The title of the blog may be familiar to those who have ever used the TechBook (TB) on VMAX storage and VMware.  Today we published the latest update to the TechBook: Click to enlarge in new window The title of the TechBook has actually changed slightly - instead of "Symmetrix Storage" it is now "VMAX... Continue Reading →



The Q4 release of VMAX3/HYPERMAX OS is here.  As Less Grossman would say "Welcome to the goody room!"  This release has the features we have been waiting for since the VMAX3 went GA (yes I know barely 2 months ago) - Local/Remote replication and the return of the VAAI primitive Full Copy (or XCOPY) among... Continue Reading →


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