Stranded space on VMAX All Flash datastores – can I get it back?

In a word, yes. Let me start with a basic explanation of VMware storage versus array storage. A VMAX All Flash (AFA) array is a completely thin-provisioned box. A hallmark of using a thin array with VMware invariably means what VMware reports as used storage in a datastore may not reflect what an array reports... Continue Reading →


VMAX TB and best practices

I've just completed the latest update to the VMAX/VMware TechBook, a tome (I can be derogatory since it's mine) of some 400 plus pages that explains how best to use VMware on the various VMAX/VMAX3/VMAX AFA arrays. You can find it here. When customers ask me about best practices, a link to this doc is... Continue Reading →

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vSphere 6.5 UNMAP patch

A quick FYI for you about a VMware patch. VMware has released vSphere 6.5 p01 which, among other things, fixes a particular issue related to automated Guest OS UNMAP (does not impact automated UNMAP on datastores). The particular bug fix of note which can be seen in the KB is: Tools in guest operating system might send unmap... Continue Reading →


vSphere 6.5 – UNMAP on VMAX

As I mentioned in my previous post on vSphere 6.5, VMware now offers automated UNMAP capability for VMFS datastores as well as Linux Guest OS support for UNMAP. I'll cover VMFS first, then discuss Linux support. ********************** Update 03-15-17 VMware has released vSphere 6.5 p01 which fixes a particular issue related to automated UNMAP in... Continue Reading →


vSphere 6.5 GA and EMC Dell VMAX

VMware vSphere 6.5 is now GA and available for download here. vSphere 6.5 offers lots of new features and capabilities that you can take advantage of in a VMAX environment and is fully supported running on all models in these array types: VMAX1 or VMAX2 (Symmetrix) VMAX3 VMAX All Flash If you have any concern -... Continue Reading →


VMAX/VMware TechBook, VAAI WP

The after-EMC World documentation updates continue with the publishing of the VMAX VMware TechBook (Using EMC VMAX Storage in VMware vSphere Environments): Click to enlarge – use browser back button to return to post and the VAAI whitepaper (Using VMware vSphere Storage APIs for Array Integration with EMC Symmetrix): Click to enlarge – use browser... Continue Reading →


HYPERMAX OS 5977 Q1 2016 SR – VVol GA, SRDF/Metro enhancements

Today EMC released our HYPERMAX OS 5977 Q1 2016 Service Release (Product Documentation).  This release is focused heavily around Mainframe which is great news for many of our customers; but there are some features not specific to Mainframe that impact topics I usually write about in my posts. **All the features I will include here... Continue Reading →


VSI 6.7 GA – a couple feature gems

VSI 6.7 is now available for download.  You can find the documentation and binary download here: VSI 6.7 Documentation and Download There are 4 new features in this release of note. They are: View consolidated datastore info on a host for all registered storage systems Register and use the Solutions Integration Service from the VSI... Continue Reading →


UNMAP behavior in ESXi 5.5 P3/ESXi 6.0

I've had a few questions on how the VAAI UNMAP primitive has been changed in ESXi 5.5 P3 and ESXi 6 since I re-tweeted a colleague's blog post on it. The changes will be documented in my VAAI whitepaper but as I don't have a plan yet for publication, I wanted to include it here... Continue Reading →


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