ESA 4.3 – vROps 6.6, new VMAX metrics

EMC Storage Analytics 4.3 is now available for download. You can find the documentation and binary here. Probably the most important aspect of this release, putting my bias aside, is that it supports vRealize Operations version 6.6. Before I talk about that, here is the full list of changes, courtesy of an RN screenshot. If... Continue Reading →


VMAX CP for Log Insight rebrand

When Dell took over EMC, there were a number of sub-company names created for the purposes of distinguishing products across our portfolio. While the company as a whole is known as Dell Technologies, the division I work for retained the EMC name so we are known as Dell EMC (hence my banner). (This is not... Continue Reading →

VMware Log Insight 4.0

VMware just released Log Insight (LI) version 4.0. Generally for LI releases my posts are light because it never makes sense to me to elaborate extensively when Steve Flanders (@sflanders) owns this space. You can find his site at where he will go into all the details (over time with many posts) about 4.0 as he... Continue Reading →


VMAX CP 3.0, Log Insight 3.3 and free licenses

Today VMware released Log Insight (LI) version 3.3 (Log Insight 3.3).  There are lots of new features in both the server and the agent.  For full details of LI 3.3 check out Steve Flanders' blog who is the only one who can do it justice - LI 3.3 SFlanders.  In concert with the LI 3.3... Continue Reading →


TB Update: Using EMC VMAX Storage in VMware vSphere Environments

The title of the blog may be familiar to those who have ever used the TechBook (TB) on VMAX storage and VMware.  Today we published the latest update to the TechBook: Click to enlarge in new window The title of the TechBook has actually changed slightly - instead of "Symmetrix Storage" it is now "VMAX... Continue Reading →


vRealize Log Insight VMAX CP update

I recently published an updated VMAX Content Pack (CP 2.5.1) for VMware vRealize Log Insight.  It is available both on the Solutions Exchange: VMAX CP Solutions Exchange As well as through the Log Insight Marketplace which is embedded into the product: Click to enlarge in new window This was not intended to be an extensive... Continue Reading →


VMAX3 and RP for VMs to my rescue

Although RP for VMs (RP4VM) has been out for a while now, and there are plenty of other blogs and documentation, I thought I'd just recount one scenario I ran into where it really saved me.  Now make no mistake I am a VMAX guy and my replication/DR solution of choice is SRDF 🙂  But... Continue Reading →


EMC Storage Analytics 3.0 and vROps 6.0

EMC Storage Analytics 3.0 is now available and is the first ESA release to support vRealize Operations Management 6.0.  Along with support of 6.0, ESA 3.0 adds a new storage platform XtremeIO.  I won't even bother trying to do justice to the new platform on ESA since I know Itzik has that covered so if... Continue Reading →


VMAX Content Pack in the Age of vRealize

If you're wondering about the title, VMware decided some time ago to rename a suite of their products to "vRealize" from "vCenter".  As I am not in marketing nor work for VMware I can't expound on the reasoning for the rename but I can tell you what it means to me is I have to... Continue Reading →


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