Thick or thin VMDKs on VMAX

Thick or thin? This is a question I get in almost all best practice discussions with customers and while I cover it in the TechBook and elsewhere, I thought I'd do a quick post on it without all the extras. VMware offers 2 types of disks - thick or thin - and 3 disk types - thin, zereoedthick,... Continue Reading →


SRDF SRA and SRM 6.5 support

Customers will be happy to learn that the SRDF SRA which supports VMware SRM 6.5 is now GA. SRDF SRA 6.3 is released in conjunction with our newest HYPERMAX OS Q2 2017 release which was announced at Dell EMC World. You can get the SRA here. As I've noted in other posts, our SRA is tied to our VMAX... Continue Reading →

VMware-VMAX integration

This week at Dell EMC World I presented a session on the ways the VMAX platform integrates into VMware software. Essentially this is my job, figuring out where we can integrate and then whether we should integrate - and of course all that follows - researching, testing, documenting, etc. We already have lots of integration points... Continue Reading →


RecoverPoint with VMAX3/All Flash…and SRM

Dell EMC today announced the impending availability of RecoverPoint (RP) 5.1 which is built for use with VMAX3 and VMAX All Flash (I'm just going to use VMAX3 from here forward). You may recall that RP is available on VMAX2 but can only be attached to a VMAX3 via VPLEX. I have a paper that actually uses both... Continue Reading →


VMAX CP for Log Insight rebrand

When Dell took over EMC, there were a number of sub-company names created for the purposes of distinguishing products across our portfolio. While the company as a whole is known as Dell Technologies, the division I work for retained the EMC name so we are known as Dell EMC (hence my banner). (This is not... Continue Reading →


SRDF SRA 6.2 – Metro, Witness, and DR

Dell EMC SRDF SRA 6.2 is now available for download and use with the latest HYPERMAX OS Q3 SR. This SRA brings support for a couple features which greatly enhance SRDF/Metro capabilities in SRM. The first is the ability to use the SRA with a Metro pair that is protected by a Witness (physical or... Continue Reading →


EMC & VMworld 2016

It's VMworld this week in Vegas and EMC as usual will have a big presence at the show.  I count 19 different sessions you can attend that cover a plethora of EMC technologies, along with the many things to see at our booth in the Solutions Exchange.  Though you will not see my name listed among... Continue Reading →


VMware vSphere 6 NMP PDL bug worth noting

It is not news, of course, that all software suffers from bugs.  I think it is safe to say, however, that most of these bugs in GA products are innocuous due to the extensive testing before releasing them.  So you might rightly assume that if I am calling out one in a post it must... Continue Reading →


VVols on VMAX3 preview

EMC will be talking about VVols at VMworld this week so for those of us not at the show I thought I would give a bit of a demo preview.  I spoke about VVols at EMC World this year in my session, but at that time it was not a topic we were openly discussing... Continue Reading →


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