vRA and VVols redux

About a year ago I published a post on integrating vRealize Automation 7 (vRA) with VVols. At that time the implementation was really a manual process because VMware had not created a Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM) package for vRA 7, only version 6. In September of last year VMware finally updated the SPBM package... Continue Reading →


vRA 7 and VVols on VMAX3, VMAX All Flash

Recently I deployed vRealize Automation 7 (vRA) to see how VVols might integrate with it on the VMAX platform. (Disclaimer - I am by no means a vRA expert, but I have worked with it a bit, mostly with our hybrid cloud.)  As you know (or if you don't check out some of my other VVol... Continue Reading →

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