SRM Windows upgrade to SRM Appliance with SRDF SRA

Now that VMware has a number of SRM releases that support the Appliance model (8.3-8.5), more and more customers are taking the leap to move off their Windows implementation. VMware provides a procedure to make the transition which applies to any SRM environment whether it is using an SRA or not. I've been reticent, therefore,... Continue Reading →

Multiple SRAs cause SRDF SRA bug in Photon SRM

Not the prettiest title, but hey why beat around the bush with it. One of our European customers hit a bug with our SRDF SRA when they went to add Solutions Enabler array pairs in Photon SRM (Windows SRM is not impacted). It wasn't clear this was a bug as the error is common enough... Continue Reading →

Consistent LUN ID

Here's one of those old issues that seems to keep coming up - consistent LUN IDs with VMware. As this discussion has been around since VMware introduced vMotion, I'll be brief with the history. I'm going to just talk about LUN IDs from the VMware side here. On the PowerMax you can use something called... Continue Reading →

VMAX/VMware TechBook terminal release

I've posted what is the terminal release of the TechBook Using Dell EMC VMAX and PowerMax in VMware vSphere Environments. For those not familiar with it, this book contains the general best practices of using VMware with the VMAX/PowerMax family of arrays. This latest update has, for the most part, minor changes, and will cover... Continue Reading →

SRM 8.5

SRM 8.5 was released a couple days ago now (10.5.21) and offers some interesting additions. At the top I'll note that our SRDF SRA 9.2.x is compatible with SRM 8.5. For many point releases, VMware does not significantly alter how SRM works and thus simply brings certification forward from the previous release. Since we support... Continue Reading →

Partial VM Replication in SRM

I've been working with SRM a long time, but here's a situation I honestly have never been asked about: Can you replicate only some vmdks of a VM? Why yes you can, and it has nothing to do with changing parameters in the SRDF SRA (which I am sure is a relief). This is a... Continue Reading →

vRO Plug-in for PowerMax 1.2.2 – vRO 8.4

The latest release of the vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) Plug-in for PowerMax 1.2.2 is now available for download here. No new features in this one, but we added support for vRO 8.4. I know I've had my share of queries from customers and internal sales about vRO 8.4 support so here it is.

PiTs with SRM and the SRDF SRA

I wanted to revisit this post on using point-in-time (PiTs) with SRM and the SRDF SRA having just demonstrated SRM with virtual and physical infrastructure. A dual purpose environment was the original impetus for adding the parameter IgnoreActivatedSnapshots so many years ago now, and as it has been four years since the post I thought... Continue Reading →

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