The VMAX Content Pack v1.5 for VMware vCenter Log Insight v1.5

In August 2013 I wrote about the VMAX Content Pack for VMware’s newly released Log Insight product (v1.0). At the time of release VMware was pushing hard for content packs and rode me pretty ragged for 2 weeks to produce one. As a result much of the detail around items like widgets was minimal. This… Continue Reading →

VMAX Content Pack 2.0 for VMware Log Insight 2.0

VMware has announced the release of the 2.0 version of VMware Log Insight (LI).  Steve Flanders is the go-to guy at VMware for all things Log Insight so check out his blog on this – .  So another release of LI provides a chance for me to update the VMAX Content Pack (CP). I’m going… Continue Reading →

Demo of EMC VMAX Content Pack for VMware Log Insight

This video demonstrates installing and using the EMC VMAX Content Pack for VMware Log Insight.  I presented this at EMC World 2014.  The demo was created using VMware Log Insight v1.5 and the EMC VMAX Content Pack 1.5.1 (includes auditing information).  Look for an update shortly on the 2.0 version of the EMC VMAX CP.

Software Versions

In the table below I’ve listed the most common plug-ins and software solutions used in VMware environments and the current version and release date. I don’t always post a blog on every release so my last post on a plug-in may not cover the most recent release. The table is no particular order. Software/Plugin Version… Continue Reading →

PowerMaxOS 5978 Q3 2020 release

Today we officially launched the latest PowerMaxOS (5978.669.669) which, along with accompanying software releases, offers some new VMware capabilities that have been in high demand from our customers. Most notably, these include support for replication with VMware Virtual Volumes (vVol) – vVols 2.0/VASA 3.0 support – and support for the SRM Appliance with our SRDF… Continue Reading →

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