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  • Dell Plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager and PowerFlex

    The Dell Plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager is a validated solution by Dell that permits database administrators to monitor Dell servers in an Oracle environment AND can provide storage information for any of those databases residing on PowerFlex storage (and only PowerFlex). The support matrix is simple enough so I’ll supply it here: Dell PowerEdge……

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  • VMFS to NVMeoF offline migration

    We’ve been working with VMware for many months on a process to do offline migration from VMFS datastores to NVMeoF without incurring the penalty of moving all the data as is required with online migration – whether SvMotion or PPME. While the process itself is not complex, many ancillary concerns needed addressing such as checking……

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  • vSphere 8.0 U1

    Most vSphere updates are not significant enough for a blog post, but VMware has been treating updates as an opportunity to add features which normally you might only see in a major release. This is part of their ongoing strategy. And so it is with 8.0 U1 (8.0.1) which has a lot of updates for……

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  • VSI 10.2

    A rather minor release for VSI, 10.2 does not have any new features, but it does fix an issue with PowerMax best practices. NVMeoF BPs We recently introduced the ability to set path management for NVMeoF devices. This management is similar to that for traditional SCSI devices in that there is a LUN setting and……

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  • PowerFlex SRA whitepaper

    I finally finished the new whitepaper for using the PowerFlex SRA with VMware SRM. The paper covers PowerFlex 3.x and 4.x using asynchronous replication (the only kind we support). For anyone who has had the unpleasant experience of using my 400 page SRDF SRA tome for PowerMax, you’ll be happy to know this paper is……

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  • VMware Cloud Foundation & Storage Support

    VMware Cloud Foundation, or VCF, has been coming up in conversations with customers more frequently these days, mostly in the PowerFlex space. And while I did an extensive post on it previously with PowerMax, it has been some three years and at that time I did not discuss PowerFlex (or ScaleIO as it was then……

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  • PowerFlex 4.0.1 and VMware SRM

    We’ve released PowerFlex version 4.0.1 which comprises a lot of improvements to the base 4.0 version. If you are currently running version 4.0, I strongly recommend you work with your Dell team to plan an upgrade. Both versions of PowerFlex 4.x still require Dell’s assistance to install, so unfortunately you cannot download the software yourself….…

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  • vCLS and Virtual Volumes

    vCLS vCLS or vSphere Cluster Services was introduced in vSphere 7.0 U1 as a way to manage vSphere DRS and vSphere HA with the intended goal, as far as I understand it, to allow these services to eventually run without the vCenter (not yet). vCLS is represented by eponymous VMs, with 1-3 per vSphere cluster….…

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  • PPME PowerMax to PowerFlex – virtual

    This is the second example from the post which introduced you to PowerPath Migration Enabler, or PPME. While the first example was a migration on a physical host, by far the more common scenario, for the second example, I’m going to move data within a VMware VM from PowerMax to PowerFlex. Yes, these are the……

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  • PPME PowerMax to PowerFlex – physical

    This post continues from the last one which introduced you to PowerPath Migration Enabler, or PPME. Here we want to look at migrating devices from PowerMax to PowerFlex using PPME on a physical box. To demonstrate how the process is accomplished while online, an Oracle database will remain running on the PowerMax source devices during……

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  • PowerPath Migration Enabler (PPME)

    As so many of our customers move from one of our platforms to another, I thought it would be useful to write about the inherent migration capability of our multipathing software PowerPath. It is known as PowerPath Migration Enabler. I plan on doing this over a few posts to cover some of the different use……

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  • ESA 7.1

    This post is one of the rare ones where I can cover both PowerFlex and PowerMax together since I’ll be discussing Enterprise Storage Analytics (ESA) release 7.1. ESA 7.1 is not a major release, and yet is an important one for PowerFlex. There are three major features, or rather new support in this release: vRealize……

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  • PowerFlex with VMware SRM

    Now that I’ve covered replication on the PowerFlex, we can move right into VMware SRM. Like all storage-based replication, PowerFlex has an SRA that integrates with SRM and executes those tasks specific to the PowerFlex. The current version of the SRA is and supports through PowerFlex 3.x. Support for 4.x is currently undergoing certification….…

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  • PowerFlex Replication

    I thought I’d take a couple posts to cover PowerFlex replication as it is such a critical component of most customers’ VMware environment. Having worked so long with PowerMax replication, the PowerFlex implementation in comparison is quite nascent, only supporting an asynchronous mode. In my experience this is the normal progression of replication development, however….…

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  • PowerFlex, CSIs and VMware CNS with vVols

    In this post I’ll cover both the vSphere CSI and the PowerFlex CSI. Since both are utilized in a VMware environment, let’s start there. vSphere and Kubernetes VMware has made Kubernetes or K8s, an integral part of their vSphere solution. Whether as part of vSphere in the form of Tanzu (with or without VCF), or……

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  • VDI – vVol Linked Clones

    Many enterprise customers use at least part of their infrastructure to host VDI environments or virtual desktops. Even at Dell I can order up one of these desktops through a self-service catalog if the need arises. I’ve seen a variety of different types of VDI implementations from NFS to FC, sometimes on a small dedicated……

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  • NVMe/TCP with PowerFlex 4.0

    Yes, that’s not a typo: PowerFlex not PowerMax. In truth I work on both PowerMax and PowerFlex, but going forward I expect to spend more time on PowerFlex so more blog posts on that platform will be inevitable. Fortunately there’s a good deal of overlap between the platform features like our topic today, so it……

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  • vSphere 8

    *** Nov 8, 2022 update *** VMware has declared this IA release as GA now. You don’t have to change anything it magically becomes GA. ************************* A new major vSphere release is available for download today – vSphere 8. VMware previously announced this at VMware Explore in August, but now you can actually get the……

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