PowerFlex, CSIs and VMware CNS with vVols

In this post I'll cover both the vSphere CSI and the PowerFlex CSI. Since both are utilized in a VMware environment, let's start there. vSphere and Kubernetes VMware has made Kubernetes or K8s, an integral part of their vSphere solution. Whether as part of vSphere in the form of Tanzu (with or without VCF), or... Continue Reading →

PowerMax, vVols, VMware CNS, and K8s

I'm going to veer from my usual topics today to talk about Kubernetes (K8s) and vSphere given the new features in vSphere 7 (e.g. Project Pacific, Tanzu). K8s and Docker are everywhere these days - from many of VMware's newer appliances like SRM to our own VSI plugin. Initially, containers generally were associated with being... Continue Reading →

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