vSphere 6.x and VAAI performance boost on VMAX

***Update - as more customers move to vSphere 6.x on VMAX, I expect this topic to be more poignant.  So I want to point out something about the changes detailed below.  The new changes for vSphere 6.x and XCOPY are ONLY for VMAX and no other arrays - not VNX, not XtremIO, not VPLEX, etc.... Continue Reading →

VMAX3 and RP for VMs to my rescue

Although RP for VMs (RP4VM) has been out for a while now, and there are plenty of other blogs and documentation, I thought I'd just recount one scenario I ran into where it really saved me.  Now make no mistake I am a VMAX guy and my replication/DR solution of choice is SRDF 🙂  But... Continue Reading →


The Q4 release of VMAX3/HYPERMAX OS is here.  As Less Grossman would say "Welcome to the goody room!"  This release has the features we have been waiting for since the VMAX3 went GA (yes I know barely 2 months ago) - Local/Remote replication and the return of the VAAI primitive Full Copy (or XCOPY) among... Continue Reading →


Another release of EMC Storage Analytics is on the books.  For those keeping track these come out quarterly (or as close as we can get them).  Our last release (2.3.2) was minor in that it basically covered a couple new models on the VNXe line.  This release is major, adding a new platform:  VPLEX (note... Continue Reading →

VSI 6.3 releases with new VMAX enhancements

VSI 6.3 released today and contains some new VMAX features I have been requesting (along with many customers).  When VSI moved from its Classic form into the Web Client, the initial VMAX integration was extremely basic.  Over the past many months I have worked closely with development to re-incorporate many of the features I saw... Continue Reading →

VMAX3 is GA!

The VMAX3 (100K, 200K, 400K), the latest evolution in our high-end storage arrays (Symmetrix), officially went GA today.  This platform has been some time in the making and it took the combined effort and long hours of many individuals in engineering to bring it to fruition.  As there will be many other blogs/announcements concerning VMAX3... Continue Reading →

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