PowerMax 2500/8500 GA software posting

You'll recall we announced our new PowerMax platform, the 2500/8500, back in May of this year. Well, today 7/19/22, both the hardware and software released. While the new array obviously must be ordered, the various software products can be downloaded on delltechnologies.com. I have a number of posts on this site which cover the new... Continue Reading →

Multiple SRAs cause SRDF SRA bug in Photon SRM

Not the prettiest title, but hey why beat around the bush with it. One of our European customers hit a bug with our SRDF SRA when they went to add Solutions Enabler array pairs in Photon SRM (Windows SRM is not impacted). It wasn't clear this was a bug as the error is common enough... Continue Reading →

iSCSI Direct Connect to VM

This post is a continuation of what I'll call my iSCSI series (if 3 is a series). A question I occasionally hear from customers is if our management software can run on a VM using iSCSI - e.g. Solutions Enabler, Unisphere - without having to assign physical RDMs (be that with a Guest OS or... Continue Reading →

PowerMaxOS 5978 Q3 2020 release

Today we officially launched the latest PowerMaxOS (5978.669.669) which, along with accompanying software releases, offers some new VMware capabilities that have been in high demand from our customers. Most notably, these include support for replication with VMware Virtual Volumes (vVol) - vVols 2.0/VASA 3.0 support - and support for the SRM Appliance with our SRDF... Continue Reading →

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