PiTs with SRM and the SRDF SRA

I wanted to revisit this post on using point-in-time (PiTs) with SRM and the SRDF SRA having just demonstrated SRM with virtual and physical infrastructure. A dual purpose environment was the original impetus for adding the parameter IgnoreActivatedSnapshots so many years ago now, and as it has been four years since the post I thought... Continue Reading →

Combine physical and virtual infrastructure with SRM

Although less common than it used to be, some of our customers still have their physical and virtual environments tightly bound together. For the sake of argument (and my example), let's say the database runs on a Solaris or AIX box, but the applications accessing that database are on VMware. Such configurations typically run a... Continue Reading →

vVols, Oracle RAC, and VMware SRM

Recently I've been working on a project covering Oracle RAC running on vVols. We have more customers taking a good look at vVols, particularly now as we offer both HA (embedded VASA containers) and replication, and Oracle comes up frequently as an application they might want to run. It's fair to say we also see... Continue Reading →

SRM 8.4 and the SRDF SRA

VMware recently released a bunch of new software versions for various products including vSphere and SRM. I'm going to cover the updates to vSphere in a different post soon, so this one is only for SRM. The new 8.4 release doesn't have a lot of features in it (mostly UI changes), but it is required... Continue Reading →


This post will cover a new hot fix (HF) build for the Dockers version of the SRDF SRA. The new release is tagged as version Development has worked overtime to come up with solutions to the couple of issues I've outlined in this previous post: Requirement to re-run the enableAutoSSLCertGen.sh shell script after reboot... Continue Reading →

vVols, SRDF, and VMware SRM on PowerMax

We have finally released our long awaited VASA 3 implementation for vVols 2.0 which includes support for SRDF Asynchronous (SRDF/A) replication. Lack of replication support has been a blocker for many customers to even look at vVols since a DR solution is such an essential component of a business (as it should be). And having... Continue Reading →

SRDF SRA 9.2 and the SRM appliance

IMPORTANT: This post covers the SRDF SRA GA version 9.2. Since its release there has been a hot fix for the Dockers release only which resolves some known issues I cover here. You can read about that here. The SRDF Storage Replication Adapter (SRDF SRA) version 9.2 is now available for download. This release, as... Continue Reading →

KB on 3-site SRDF/Metro Cascaded with SRM

I've been helping out development with some future configuration scenarios with SRM and the SRDF SRA and came across a behavior that could cause customers a problem running a 3-site SRDF/Metro cascaded setup. Funny thing is, the behavior of our array code which brings about the issue has been around for at least 2 PowerMaxOS... Continue Reading →

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