vVols, SRDF, and VMware SRM on PowerMax

We have finally released our long awaited VASA 3 implementation for vVols 2.0 which includes support for SRDF Asynchronous (SRDF/A) replication. Lack of replication support has been a blocker for many customers to even look at vVols since a DR solution is such an essential component of a business (as it should be). And having... Continue Reading →

SRDF SRA 9.2 and the SRM appliance

IMPORTANT: This post covers the SRDF SRA GA version 9.2. Since its release there has been a hot fix for the Dockers release only which resolves some known issues I cover here. You can read about that here. The SRDF Storage Replication Adapter (SRDF SRA) version 9.2 is now available for download. This release, as... Continue Reading →

KB on 3-site SRDF/Metro Cascaded with SRM

I've been helping out development with some future configuration scenarios with SRM and the SRDF SRA and came across a behavior that could cause customers a problem running a 3-site SRDF/Metro cascaded setup. Funny thing is, the behavior of our array code which brings about the issue has been around for at least 2 PowerMaxOS... Continue Reading →

Targetless SnapVX Gold Copies with SRDF SRA

Gold Copies The SRDF SRA for VMware SRM has the capability to take copies of the R1 or R2 before running a failover of the environment. This adds a layer of protection in case something happens to either of the production copies of data. Unfortunately, these XML files (EmcSrdfSraProtectionSiteGoldcopyConfig.xml and EmcSrdfSraRecoverySiteGoldcopyConfig) cannot take advantage of... Continue Reading →

SRA 9.1 and SRM 8.2 Windows support

The SRDF Storage Replication Adapter (SRDF SRA) version 9.1 is now available for download. This release, as you might guess from the version, is associated with our new PowerMax 5978.444.444 release. In addition to the requisite support for the new PowerMax release, the SRA has a couple of new features as well as new support.... Continue Reading →

VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) 8.2

Yesterday VMware released the latest SRM product, version 8.2. This release introduces an SRM virtual appliance that runs the Photon OS and within the OS containers for SRM itself and any supported SRAs. This release still offers a Windows-based solution, but VMware will eventually fully transition to the appliance. You can check out the release... Continue Reading →

SRM reprotect with SRDF/Metro and async leg

Our SRDF SRA supports many configurations - 2 site, 3 site, STAR, SRDF/Metro - well you get the idea. For the majority of these environments, all SRM functions are supported. That includes test, planned migration, failover, failback and reprotect. There are a couple of specific, 3 site setups where we cannot support reprotect. This comes... Continue Reading →

Advanced SRM Deployment with SRDF SRA

Right before the holidays I was involved in some communication with a large customer of ours who is in the middle of a consolidation exercise. They have a bunch of vCenter/SRM setups with the SRDF SRA and are looking to reduce that number. It's a complicated process as you might imagine, particularly as there are many arrays... Continue Reading →

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