VSI 10.1 – HPP for PowerMax NVMeoF devices

A quick update for the latest VSI release 10.1. Most of the new features are for PowerStore but one of my requests for PowerMax made it into the release. I asked development to add the ability to set host best practices for NVMeoF devices. This is similar to the best practices for NMP, except that... Continue Reading →

Dell VSI 10.0

One of two plugin releases today along with ESA, the Dell (nix EMC) VSI 10.0 plugin that supports the latest Unisphere REST 10 is available for download. This release supports our latest PowerMaxOS 10 and PowerMax 2500/8500 arrays. Besides that general support, there are two main features added in VSI 10 for the PowerMax array:... Continue Reading →

VSI 9.1

I had a request to do an updated post on Virtual Storage Integrator or VSI. The last post I did was on version 8.6 which had some new features for the PowerMax array. And although the current version 9.1 released in January does not have new features for PowerMax, the interface has changed a bit... Continue Reading →

VSI 8.5 – Snapshots + Manual UNMAP

We've dropped release 8.5 of Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI) today which brings snapshots into the plugin. My last post on VSI was for 8.3, because the 8.4 release was only for the introduction of the PowerStore platform and their team took care of that. The 8.5 release is more universal, including features for our multiple... Continue Reading →

VSI 8.3

VSI 8.3 came out today and offers a number of features for the PowerMax/VMAX platform. This release essentially brings us to parity with the 7.x client for our array, and in fact a little beyond. The binary and documentation are available on the support site here. The product guide contains information on upgrading from earlier... Continue Reading →

VSI 8.2

VSI 8.2 is now GA and brings a few features for the PowerMax/VMAX platform. The binary and documentation are available on the support site here. The product guide contains information on upgrading from earlier releases which is made all the more easy with DockerHub. If required (e.g. isolated environments) you can upgrade via a package.... Continue Reading →

VSI 8.1 GA

The latest version of Virtual Storage Integrator, aka VSI 8.1, is now available for download. Before getting into the VMAX All Flash/PowerMax enhancements, I thought I'd start with a reminder of the VSI plug-in structure since it has changed over its life. The latest HTML 5 plug-in, 8.x, is still a virtual appliance (vApp), but... Continue Reading →

DTW 2019 – VMware presentation

This past week we had our Dell Technologies World 2019 event. I gave a presentation on VMware titled: In the next few weeks, all presentations will be posted on the DTW website, but I've converted mine into a PDF and made it available here early. DTW 2019 Past, Present, Future presentation I've also posted two... Continue Reading →

VSI 8.0 – HTML 5

Today the newest version of the Virtual Storage Integrator, 8.0, is available for download here. VSI 8.0 is the first version to support the HTML 5 client available with vSphere 6.5 and 6.7. As VMware moves toward an HTML 5 client only, we are following suit and therefore the VSI 7.x releases are the last... Continue Reading →

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