PowerMax Data Reduction & VMware

Before I discuss data reduction on the PowerMax, I will acknowledge that this can be a confusing topic or process in general. A couple of our field guys, Dan McKenney and Ken Gotsch, get frequent questions in the field as they work with data reduction all the time in VMware, so I offered to write... Continue Reading →

VMUG webcast

My colleague Tom O'Neill and I recently did a webast for the VM Users Group on PowerMax and vVols. You can find the recording below. I also included a link to the demo in the webcast which I have separately uploaded to my YouTube channel. Webcast https://youtu.be/rmLWKHNsQ08 Demo https://youtu.be/7Zmw9xne0zE

vSphere 7.0 U2 – iSCSI, vVols

VMware recently released Update 2 for vSphere 7, both ESXi and the vCenter. I'm going to cover a few of the new additions in this release, though not all, so I have put in the links to the READMEs. VMware updates used to be minor events, but more and more they are packing these with... Continue Reading →

SRM 8.4 and the SRDF SRA

VMware recently released a bunch of new software versions for various products including vSphere and SRM. I'm going to cover the updates to vSphere in a different post soon, so this one is only for SRM. The new 8.4 release doesn't have a lot of features in it (mostly UI changes), but it is required... Continue Reading →

CSI Driver for PowerMax & VM in-Guest iSCSI

Last year I did a post on VMware's Cloud Native Storage and how you could use their CSI (container storage interface) driver to provision to Kubernetes running in VMware via VMFS, NFS, and vVols, and all on the PowerMax. The direct integration makes this ideal. I used a vanilla K8s implementation, though vSphere has other... Continue Reading →

PowerMax 2021 Q1 Service Release

This is our Service Release for the GA PowerMaxOS that came out in September 2020. This is our standard practice after a major release so that we can both fix any issues that may have come up (though I should note we do have a recent service pack, too) and to include some new features... Continue Reading →

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