vCenter 7.0 U1c – Cross vCenter migration

VMware has released quite a number of vCenter 7.0 patches over the past few months for various bug fixes and sometimes new feature content. VMware makes the patches relatively easy to install by warning you of their availability each time you login to your vCenter via the message banner at the top. If you wish to install it you simply pop over to the appliance management at port 5480 and use the online repository to find the update. Being in a lab, I always install new builds as they become available to counter any known bugs. This last one I installed, 7.0 U1c, was no different, until I went to migrate one of my VMs and saw a new option: Cross vCenter Server export:

It’s exactly what it sounds like, vMotion (and SvMotion) between vCenters that have no relationship with each other (e.g. Linked Mode). The push for the feature I think had most to do with Tanzu, Kubernetes, and the cloud; however for users like me who have lots of vCenters, each with their own SSO and version, being able to move VMs around without shutting them down and going through unregister/register is a real time saver. I’m sure some of you may agree. I created a demo of the feature. There is nothing special or difficult here, but I think it’s always nice to see it in action.


I don’t have a lot of callouts, so a quick review of the environment:

  • Source vCenter – (London cluster)
    • Source Datastore – INFRA_357_DEV_24
  • Target vCenter – (Boston cluster)
    • Target Datastore – VSI_DEMO_2
  • VM to migrate –

Note my network in both vCenters is the same (the lab isn’t very diverse) which makes this easy.



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