New SRDF SRA TechBook

Last month we released the latest SRDF SRA 9.0 which supports SRM 8.1. Normally I try to update the SRA TechBook with the latest information but there have been so many changes over the years that continuing to update it with new information, while maintaining all the old, has reached a tipping point. I decided therefore to end the updates to the old TB and write a new one. The old TB will take you through SRA 6.3. Its last and final update was in September of 2017 – version 5.0.

The new TB begins with SRA 9.0 and covers the PowerMax and VMware SRM 8.1 support. I aligned the version to the SRA so that everything is the same, 9.0, including Solutions Enabler and Unisphere for PowerMax. Hopefully this will make it easier.

Although much material was ported from the original, I combined chapters, consolidated sections, and removed superfluous information. I have some additional changes planned for future versions, but I wanted to get the book out now since the SRA has been available for a while. Any questions, let me know.


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  1. Hi Drew!

    You have done great job about documenting EMC storage integration with vSphere – Thank You!
    But I have a question about SRDF Metro and SRM

    From SRM Release Notes we can read:
    When the storage array fails at the protected site, Site Recovery Manager cannot recover virtual machines in storage profile protection groups.
    The virtual machines become unprotected but the data is still protected.
    Workaround: Manually recover the datastores and virtual machines at the recovery site.

    Does this mean that in case of disaster, Site Recovery Manager is useless, if storage is SRDF/M protected because it requires storage profile based protection groups?



    1. Hi Margo,

      I see that what you have quoted from the Release Notes is in the “Known Issues” section. These include all issues that any beta customer or VMware themselves experienced in using the software. It may have only happened once, but if VMware cannot diagnose and fix it, they must include it in the RN. I have never seen this issue in working with the software and SRDF/Metro, however. Note that VMware does not distinguish that this is array-based replication. I would not be concerned about it.

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