vRealize Operations 8.1 and vVols

I normally don’t cover VMware’s new releases for non-vSphere products unless we have integration available, however in this case I wanted to point out some new functionality in vROps 8.1. Our Dell EMC Enterprise Storage Analytics plugin just released version 5.1 which supports vROps 8.0 only. Given the close proximity of the releases I know you may wonder why we cannot support 8.1 now, and unfortunately this comes down to how VMware treats vSphere versus vROps. We get releases for vSphere early so that we can test and certify it with our products well in advance of release. We do not, however, get early releases of vROps. Our first build is the GA one. So we cannot start 8.1 certification until today. My understanding is that we will support 8.1 with our next release 5.2. If you have a business case that requires 8.1, however, you can submit a request for certification through your Dell EMC team. There is a chance we can get you a cert earlier.


In the 8.1 release VMware finally supports Virtual Volume (vVol) integration. We have been supporting it in our ESA plug-in for some time, but that integration is entirely our own because VMware doesn’t collect the objects for us. Now they will collect the datastores and provide useful information about the performance and capacity, among other metrics. I have a few screenshots here to demonstrate the integration.

With this new capability, our ESA plugin can now collect these vSphere objects and build the connections we have for other VMFS and NFS datastores.

Log Insight

Just a reminder that the entire vRealize Suite is now at 8.1, including Log Insight. The latest content pack I published does support this version.


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