EMC Storage Analytics 2.3 GA

Today EMC released EMC Storage Analytics (ESA) version 2.3.  This release focuses on the VNX and VNXe platforms, adding capabilities to the VNX and adding the VNXe as a new supported array. From the Release Notes:

EMC Storage Analytics 2.3 includes the following new features:

  • An OEM version of vCenter Operations Manager 5.8.1 that is for EMC storage only.
  • New and updated dashboards
  • New and improved VNX metrics
  • Introduced support for VNXe metrics
  • Unisphere launch feature for VNXe
  • Event correlation for VNX Block
  • Configuration of log file sizes and rollover counts

From a VMAX perspective this release fixes two minor bugs.  The first is for a misnomer in the SRDF metrics.  The labeling for two of the metrics,  Average Cycle Time and Last Cycle Time, was incorrectly shown as milliseconds(ms) instead of seconds(s).  Note this was only a labeling issue as the metric values themselves were accurate.  Both the GUI and documentation are now updated properly.  The second fix was for our customers who use both FBA and CKD devices on their VMAX.  The CKD devices report a NULL WWN to ESA and we did not handle that properly.  I personally ran through the testing for these fixes.

I think it is always important to stay up-to-date with these software releases so I encourage our VMAX ESA customers to upgrade to 2.3.

The Release Notes can be found here:


and the software here:


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