PowerMax 2500/8500 GA software posting

You’ll recall we announced our new PowerMax platform, the 2500/8500, back in May of this year. Well, today 7/19/22, both the hardware and software released. While the new array obviously must be ordered, the various software products can be downloaded on delltechnologies.com. I have a number of posts on this site which cover the new features and despite my concern that many things would change, really only PowerMax File had some additions in Unisphere (new menus). I did attempt to update the blog posts in the meantime, so hopefully there is nothing glaringly wrong.


Since so much of our software is backward-compatible, you can upgrade Unisphere, Solutions Enabler, and even the SRDF SRA. Our other integrations that support the PowerMaxOS 10 software will release this month, including VSI and ESA. Unisphere for PowerMax 10 includes REST API 10, which is the version the plugins will use. The REST 10 calls work perfectly fine with the current PowerMax 2000/8000 as well as the VMAX All Flash.

PowerMaxOS 10

One item worth repeating here is that unlike previous VMAX generations, e.g., the VMAX All Flash, you cannot install the new PowerMaxOS 10 array code on any current arrays. The new array code is tightly coupled with the hardware so it only runs on the PowerMax 2500/8500. There is no software upgrade path. But as I say most of the external software should work just fine in the majority of environments (OK not with the DMX).


I completed most of my documentation updates back in May, and the remaining two I finished a couple weeks ago. Should any questions remain, comment away.



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